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The Tiverton Town Farm Renovation Committee

On September 30th, 2019 the Tiverton Town Council approved a resolution establishing the Town Farm Renovation Committee. The purpose of the committee is " investigate, research, consult, prepare grants, deliberate and recommend the design and equipment needed for a safe, state-of-the-art Community Playground and outdoor fitness park at Town Farm."

Committee members

  1. Stu Gilfillen (Chair)

  2. Josh Coroa (Vice Chair)

  3. Kathryn Hopkins (Secretary)

  4. Open (Treasurer)

  5. Chris Romelin

  6. Ryan Petri

  7. Maureen Morrow

  8. Town Administrator, Chris Cotta (ex-officio)

  9. DPW Director, Rick Rogers (ex-officio)


There is currently an open position on the committee. If you are interested in joining, apply via the Town's Committee Onboarding platform. The committee is actively looking for people with marketing and fundraising experience.


At the first meeting, Stu Gilfillen was voted as Committee Chair and Josh Coroa was elected as Vice Chair.


Additionally, the Town Farm Renovation Committee would like to thanks the following organizations for providing letters of support as part of our grant application:

  1. Fort Barton PTO

  2. National Recreation & Parks Association

  3. Pocasset PTO

  4. Ranger PTO

  5. Sarah Everhart Skeels (Commissioner, RI Governor’s Commission on Disabilities)

  6. Tiverton Arts Council

  7. Tiverton Little League

  8. Tiverton Police Department

  9. Tiverton Senior Center

  10. Tiverton Town Council

  11. Tiverton Prevention Collation

  12. Tiverton Youth Soccer

  13. Tiverton School Committee

  14. USA Pickleball Association

This grant would not have been possible without their collective support.

The Committee would also like to extend an enormous thank you to Andrew Wade, former Jamestown Recreation Director (and current East Greenwich Community Services Director, who provided invaluable insight into his experiences while involved in the development of the Jamestown Community Playground.

We'd also like to thank former Tiverton Town Administrator Jan Reitsma for his assistance in the early stages of the project.

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