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Outdoor Fitness Park

Fitness Area location.png

In a 2019 resident survey, 88% of residents said that they would visit Town Farm more frequently if there was a fitness park. Additionally, 52% of people indicated that they would be interested in an organized fitness/workout program and 46% said they live within 3-5 miles of Town Farm.

Situated on the south side of Town Farm next to the existing tennis courts (and future pickleball courts), the proposed design will provide equipment built with graduated challenges so there is an activity for every skill level. The design includes seven workout stations for circuit training or competition and a free app from Kompan loaded with workout suggestions.


The Tiverton Recreation Commission also intends to offer a variety of activities for people of all ages and abilities. The fitness park will also be positions to allow accessibility by someone in a wheelchair.

“I thinks it’s awesome and allows busy parents who are trapped at the sports field to possibly get in a workout.”

-Tiverton Resident

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