The Playground

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One of the main goals of the Committee is to ensure that the playground is a place where children of all abilities can have fun. Thankfully, KOMPAN, our playground designer shares that view. They design products to be used universally, and to accommodate activities that are relevant for all children. As you review the elements of this project you will find universal design integrated throughout.

KOMPAN has six principles for universal, inclusive, design:

  1. Accessible

  2. Multifunctional (when possible)

  3. 360º design (play from all sides)

  4. Equipped with diverse play opportunities

  5. Clear in color and design signals

  6. Special solutions for special needs when relevant

Accessibility Evaluation

To offer full transparency, we asked  KOMPAN to do an ADA evaluation of the playground. The results of that review are listed below.

ADA Evaluation: 2-5 Year Old Play Area

ADA Evaluation: 5-12 Year Old Play Area

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Play Value: The Why

The design focuses not only on providing "fun" but also developmental value for children. The following information, which was provided by KOMPAN, addresses how various pieces of equipment address the physical, social and emotional, cognitive and creative needs of the users. You will see the correlating logos, and descriptions, throughout the renderings.

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Experiencing the joy of movement: motor skills, muscle development, strengthening cardio and bone density [also stimulating the vestibular system and training proprioception]

Social and Emotional icon.png


Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance, and sense of belonging [also building social skills and emotional self regulation, and assessing risk]



Joy of learning: curiosity, understanding of causal relationships, and knowledge of the world [Cognitive Skills, Executive Functioning, Object Permanence, Theory of mind, Counterfactuals, Language Skills]



Joy of creating: co-creation and experimenting with materials

Site Renderings