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With Town Farm improvements in mind, Tiverton officials turn to the gold standard for help

Article and photo by Marcia Pobzeznik

TIVERTON — The community playground in Jamestown, dedicated to the memory of Police Officer Ryan Bourque who was killed in a head-on crash on his way home from work in May 2016, is considered the gold standard in the state and used as an example of a playground other communities strive for.

That’s why Tiverton asked for advice from Jamestown on planning, grant writing and building its proposed new playground and adult fitness areas at Town Farm.

Andrew Wade, director of the Jamestown Department of Parks and Recreation who oversaw the Bourque community playground project that opened in June 2018, and who is chairman of the committee that reviews grant applications for the DEM, met with the committee planning the Town Farm project Thursday night. Read the full article at

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